Set up and Troubleshoot

Set up
Download and install
Download and install the software
  • Download the installer.
  • Install the software.
Open Measurements Live
Open Measurements Live
  • On Windows, find the Measurements Live shortcut on the Desktop.
    On macOS, find Measurements Live in the LaunchPad.
  • Double-click the shortcut to go to Measurements Live.
Connect to device
Connect to device
  • Click the Device tab.
  • Connect to a device by following the instructions in the Device tab (more details).
Run instruments
Run the instruments
  • Click the Instruments tab.
  • Launch an instrument by selecting it from the list (more details).
Supported Browsers for Measurements Live
  • Note that Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox are not supported by Measurements Live.
  • Click here to see supported browsers.
Fail to connect to the device via USB
  • Make sure the device is plugged in via USB port to your computer.
  • Make sure you have followed the Set up steps above to install Measurements Live Support Files.
Fail to connect to the device via network
  • Error "Invalid Device ID":
    • Press BUTTON 0 on the NI ELVIS III device and check the device ID on the display. The device ID is case sensitive.
  • Error "Invalid Device ID prefix":
    • If you are connecting the device via the NI signaling server, the prefix of the device ID should be "NI".
    • If you are connecting the device via a custom signaling server, expand Signaling server address and enter the custom signaling server’s URL. Contact your lab administrator for the custom signaling server address.
  • Error "Connection failed":
    • Make sure your computer is correctly connecting to the network.
    • If you are using a custom signaling server, make sure you have entered the correct signaling server address. If the connection still fails, contact your lab administrator.
Fail to launch an SFP
  • Make sure you have followed the Set up steps above to install Measurements Live Support Files.
  • If an SFP is already open on your computer and the device becomes disconnected, an error displays. After you reconnect the device, or connect to another device, you will not be able to open the same SFP. You must close the SFP and then reopen it from the Instruments tab.
  • If an SFP in the following list is open but fails to connect to the device at launch, make sure your computer is in the same network as the device. The SFPs which could have such issue are: Oscilloscope, Function and Arbitary Waveform Generator, Digital Multimeter, Variable Power Supply and Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator.
Fail to open Measurements Live offline
  • If you have no internet access and want to use Measurements Live offline, follow step 2 in the Set up section.
  • If it still fails, press BUTTON 0 on the device to turn on the display and read the USB IP address.
    It should be in the format of "172.22.11.x".
  • Open your browser. Type the USB IP address in the browser address bar and press Enter.
For more troubleshooting topics, go to NI ELVIS III Manual.